CURRENTS—Every Life Leaves an Imprint
by Matt McGovern

  • Intense, thought-provoking fiction that will lead
    you on the path to personal discovery.

With CURRENTS, you will flow on an effortless journey to explore the most difficult of subjects—life and death—as you confront the sometimes heartrending realities of everyday life, the inevitability of death, and uncertainties about what lies beyond.

Readers have called this book “uplifting,” “insightful,” “spiritual,” a “wonderful read,” “thought-provoking,” “inspirational,” and “very much needed.”

“For a book to make me cry, it's got to be well written. CURRENTS made me confront my greatest fears of losing the people I love most in the world, or leaving them behind.” —Raeleen York

Set in an unspoiled corner of Maine visited by few but the author, CURRENTS is the fictional account of one man's search for meaning and purpose. From this center, the book spans multiple settings and times, weaving past and present, life and death. Readers are on one hand immersed in the simplicity and serenity of Nature, while on the other exposed to the stark realities of life.

“What a wonderful book! My parents both passed away recently. They were elderly, but that never makes it any easier. CURRENTS made me think about what’s important and what isn’t.”
—Dawn Seamon

Explains the author, “CURRENTS is speculative fiction. It's an exploration of what's possible, about why we're here, why things happen, the role I see us playing in it all, and why—I believe—we should never lose hope.

CURRENTS is Recommended Reading . . .

“There are no supernatural events—only natural occurrences we don't yet fully understand.”
—Matt McGovern

Begun as a personal exploration of life and death—rooted in the author's desire to come to terms with the deaths of his own parents decades earlier—CURRENTS grew from a series of essays, vignettes and ponderings into a 180-page novel.

Much of CURRENTS is based loosely on actual events and the author's personal experiences and discoveries.

“I started writing CURRENTS just for me, to help me get my mind around what I was feeling about the loss of my parents and how their deaths have affected my life—a kind of therapy through writing,” McGovern explains. “But soon I began to realize that others might benefit from reading it as well.”

“Literature based on this theme is very badly needed in Western culture. This story...could be of great value in counseling centers, hospices, and other locations where people are facing the inevitability of death.”—Judge, Writer's Digest 12th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards

CURRENTS makes an ideal gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other special occasions when you want to give a simple token of friendship, inspiration or love; or when you or someone you love is grieving.

“A river, like a life, is an amazing thing. Think of all it touches, all it supports along its course.”
—Matt McGovern

Reading CURRENTS is an intensely personal experience—one that will open the eyes and minds of readers and make their hearts and spirits lighter. Many have commented that they re-visit certain chapters or passages because the words hold special meaning or comfort for them.

CURRENTS will hold, guide and protect you as it masterfully moves you toward the peaceful waters of understanding, acceptance, contentment, joy and inner peace.”—Doug Leland, Author, Executive Coach, Retirement Specialist

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More Praise for CURRENTS . . .

“Reading CURRENTS was very therapeutic for me. As a Vietnam Vet, I still struggle to understand why some of us made it home and some of us didn’t. CURRENTS really opened my eyes.”—Dale Davis

“This book taught me I don’t have to fear death, that it’s a part of life. It also made me realize how important our time together is.” —12-year old reader

“I loved this book!”—S.K.

CURRENTS allowed me to experience a complete range of emotions, from delight and exhilaration to grief and despair. But more importantly, it made me realize that these emotions all have their necessary place in our lives. None of them can or should be completely excluded from our lives . . . as they are what make life worth living!”—Pamela Wagner

CURRENTS is a touching, life-affirming look at loss and how, through loss, we gain insight. CURRENTS makes you realize that no life, no matter how short, is insignificant. Every life is important. Everyone deserves to be remembered.”—K.M.

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ISBN 0-9749445-4-8


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Excerpt from CURRENTS . . .


Michael Sharpe looked, talked and acted like other men, but Michael Sharpe was not a man. He could grow and age like a man, but he could not die.

On this night—an early June evening in Bangor, Maine—Michael sat quietly at a hospital bedside. He listened to the rhythmic and familiar tone of medical monitors beeping and clicking. Beside him, the frail form of Daniel Ridge—a flesh and blood man, a man who could and would soon die—trembled beneath a sagging sheet.

Michael clutched the man's hand firmly. Each drip of painkiller down Daniel's intravenous line ticked off the seconds to his demise. Wracked with liver cancer and only one day shy of his forty-fourth birthday, Daniel would not live through the night. This Michael knew; this is what had called him here. Daniel would leave behind three young children under the age of 12. He would leave a wife of 17 years.

Michael studied Daniel's quivering eyelids that always seemed on the verge of fluttering open. He wondered what thoughts were in the dying man's mind. What was it like to be afraid of death?

Death was inevitable. Michael knew this.

Death was necessary. Michael knew this, too.

Death provided finite beings with focus and clarity. Death provided a clear beginning and a distinct ending. Death provided a sense of urgency, a need to accomplish and to grow within short spans of time.

All of this Michael knew.

Infinite beings did not fear the passing of seasons and years. They did not fear death. Yet infinite beings tended to drift, to lose focus, to lose passion, to begin to wonder, “Why?”

Michael was such a being . . .