CURRENTS—Every Life Leaves an Imprint
by Matt McGovern


Intense, thought-provoking fiction that will lead you on the path to personal discovery.


ISBN 0-9749445-4-8

More than just a good story, CURRENTS, confronts the heartrending realities of everyday life, the inevitability of death, and our uncertainties about what lies beyond.

Readers have called this book “unique,” “uplifting,”
“insightful,” “spiritual,” a “wonderful read,” “thought-provoking,” “inspirational,” and “very much needed.”


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Sneak Preview (excerpt from the prologue to CURRENTS)

Michael Sharpe looked, talked and acted like other men, but Michael Sharpe was not a man. He could grow and age like a man, but he could not die.

On this night—an early June evening in Bangor, Maine—Michael sat quietly at a hospital bedside. He listened to the rhythmic and familiar tone of medical monitors beeping and clicking. Beside him, the frail form of Daniel Ridge—a flesh and blood man, a man who could and would soon die—trembled beneath a sagging sheet.

Michael clutched the man's hand firmly. Each drip of painkiller down Daniel's intravenous line ticked off the seconds to his demise. Wracked with liver cancer and only one day shy of his forty-fourth birthday, Daniel would not live through the night. This Michael knew; this is what had called him here. Daniel would leave behind three young children under the age of 12. He would leave a wife of 17 years.

Michael studied Daniel's quivering eyelids that always seemed on the verge of fluttering open. He wondered what thoughts were in the dying man's mind. What was it like to be afraid of death?  read more



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